Benefits of Virtual Field Trips

Benefits of Virtual Field Trips

Our Virtual Field Trips:

  • Reduce lesson planning time
  • Include student assessments
  • Support visual learners 
  • Easily incorporate the motivational value of technology
  • Support ELL and IEP students
  • Are budget-friendly
  • Align with the Social Studies curriculum
  • Eliminate the liability considerations of a real field trip
  • Use best practices for e-learning
  • Use 21st century learning tools for 21st century learners


Reduce Your Lesson Planning Time

Our multimedia slideshow content has been designed to align with curriculum objectives.  Your required time commitment to lesson planning can be reduced by knowing that you have a classroom resource which will help you achieve your goals with little to no advance planning required.

Support All Your Learners

We know that not all students learn the same way.  Integrating our virtual field trips will allow you to reach all your learners more successfully, with no effort on your part.  Our highly visual content will help learners who have language challenges as well as those with special needs.  Other student groups that can benefit from this form of learning are those with attention-span challenges, as well as students who learn via multiple intelligences.


Curriculum Alignment

Our virtual field trip content is designed to support educators in delivering the required social studies curriculum content, along with some life science topics.  This alignment is particularly strong for those presentations addressing the lower grades.  We understand that strong curricular alignment will result in the greatest possible value to educators.

Best Practices for E-Learning

We have trained in the design of effective e-learning principles, content, and delivery.  This approach can make all the difference between an online lesson that provides a genuine learning experience, and one that doesn’t.  When conducted properly, a virtual field trip can provide the same cognitive benefits as an actual field trip.


Our virtual field trips come with assessment tools.  As we are in the infancy of our development, not all assessments will be available at the outset.  However, we intend to provide you with two forms of assessments.  The first will be an interactive quiz which will be offered at the end of each educational presentation (can be optionally bypassed).  This tool can be used with the class, as a whole, or by having each student log on separately.  This particular quiz is suggested as an effective tool to formatively assess the class, or even a selection of students who require extra exposure to the curriculum content.

 In addition, a file will also be provided which can be printed out and distributed.  This quiz can also be used formatively, but may provide summative assessment value as well. 

Motivational Value of Technology

Teachers everywhere are beginning to experience the motivational value of incorporating technology into their pedagogy.  Our virtual field trips allow teachers and educators to effortlessly integrate technology into the classroom, thereby increasing student engagement.


Our virtual field trips allow unlimited access to our knowledge bank of educational multimedia content.  This means that continued use of this classroom resource can bring tremendous value to you and your students, while costing mere pennies to view.

Liability Considerations

In this day and age liability and security issues are often at the forefront of many decisions that are made regarding students in the school system.  Our virtual field trips provide a completely safe alternative that embody many, if not all, of the benefits of actual field trips without need for concern regarding student safety.

21st Century Learning Tools

Students of today are considered to be 21st century learners.  As such, it is our responsibility as educators to do our best to prepare them for the technology-rich careers and lifestyles that they will lead in the future.  The sooner we incorporate tools such as computers and the internet into their lives the more technology-literate they will be.