Virtual Field Trips Designed For Your Curriculum

Explore the World Without Leaving Your Classroom®

Virtual Field Trips Designed For Your Curriculum

Explore the World Without Leaving Your Classroom®

What We Do


We provide K-12 teachers with educational destination-based videos for social studies, geography, life science, and ancient civilization curriculums.


Take your students around the globe, or around the block, and open their eyes to the majestic and magnificent world around them!

What We Have To Offer

50+ videos created by educators for educators.

K-9 curriculum alignment.

Social studies, life science, and geography content.

Habitats and ancient civilizations.

Quizzes and learning activities.

Unlimited viewing.

Mobile-friendly website.  Use any device.

Separate logins for each student.

Well-researched and professionally narrated videos.

National and international destinations.

Video length from 5-35 minutes long.

Foreign language videos.

What’s New

300+ Classroom Ideas!

Looking for inspiration?  We’ve put together a huge collection of fun and educational classroom ideas to inspire you and your students! Games, activities, writing topics, art projects, worksheets and so much more….

What You Can Expect

Video content that is aligned with your curriculum.

More time added to your day.

A budget-friendly resource.

An incredibly easy way to incorporate technology into your classroom.

A resource that supports independent learning.

A classroom resource that will help shape students into global citizens.

Increased learning outcomes for certain groups of students.

A classroom resource that uses best practices for e-learning.

A 21st century learning tool for 21st century students.

An easy way to take your students to places they may not ever get to visit.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“My 6th grade students are always excited to learn through reading and the Virtual Field Trips site. The videos are incredibly engaging and informative. The ease of use is very appreciated as a teacher pressed for time.”

Kryssie, 6th Grade Teacher,

“I teach 9th graders who are 2 to 3 years behind in their reading and writing.  They are also socioeconomically disadvantaged with not many experiences to write about.  I thought this would give them something to write about as well as be educational and enjoyable.  We do one each Monday and they love them!  They ask, “Where are we going today?”

Lisa, 9th Grade Teacher,

“I teach grades K-3 Science, Social Studies, Government, Geography, and Economics.  I have found Virtual Field Trips videos a valuable piece in many areas.  I use an interactive white board on a daily basis and have been able to link the videos into the flip charts making access to them very easy during the lesson.  I look forward to more of these quality videos.”

Scott, Exploration Teacher,

Our Standards

 We’ve aligned our videos with your curriculum standards!

We have standards by state, grade, and video, along with the national standards. 

 Have a look!

Research Says:

Research shows that virtual field trips can:

  • Boost students’ reading scores.
  • Help students see themselves as global citizens.
  • Provide the benefits of field trips without the expense.
  • So much more –  check it out!


Our Videos Are Great For:

  • Time-pressed teachers.
  • Teachers who want to use technology.
  • Homeschooling families.
  • Visual learners.
  • Disadvantaged students.
  • ESL students.
  • Students with dyslexia.
  • Reluctant readers/writers.
  • Literacy programs.

Check Out Our Standards

Scroll to see how many curriculum standards we can help you meet!

“I use the Virtual Field Trips site and the students LOVE it. Learning by virtually experiencing has been highly successful for my students. A few of our favorites are the Amazon, Coral Reefs, African Safari, and Rome.”

Kryssie, 6th Grade Teacher,

“I really appreciate the value of this site.  My students are very much enjoying it.  Thank you!”

Suzanne, 3rd Grade Teacher,

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